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02:37 Ticket #155 (./autogen.sh does not work with current git master) closed by stuge
invalid: What versions of autoconf and libtool are you using? The current file …
02:29 Ticket #155 (./autogen.sh does not work with current git master) created by RX19
When calling autogen.sh the following error appears when calling the …
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09:46 Changeset in libusb [763471]master by stuge
configure.ac: AC_SEARCH_LIBS(clock_gettime) to be able to add -pthread
09:41 Changeset in libusb [2799d7] by stuge
configure.ac: Move VISIBILITY_CFLAGS into AM_CFLAGS
09:37 Changeset in libusb [62f9a6] by stuge
configure.ac: Move THREAD_CFLAGS into AM_CFLAGS
09:27 Changeset in libusb [29c578] by stuge
configure.ac: Use LIBS instead of PC_LIBS_PRIVATE


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17:37 Ticket #154 (Blue Screen of Death when powering down the device) created by luctius
We have build a custom usb device using an Cyprus FX2. This device uses an …


05:35 Ticket #136 (libusb_free_device_list(, 1) memory leak) closed by hjelmn
invalid: Yup, that should reproduce the "leak" if it exists. If you leave the …


06:18 Ticket #153 (darwin: use Release instead of IODestroyPlugInInterface to avoid stopping ...) created by hjelmn
In some cases using IODestroyPlugInInterface can stop kernel level …
03:52 Ticket #152 (Darwin: calling libusb_close() from within a transfer completion callback ...) created by xiaofan
https://github.com/libusbx/libusbx/issues/38 Not so sure if this is valid …
03:24 Ticket #143 (WinUSB backend: Provide new driver for Windows 7) closed by xiaofan
fixed: New Zadig version has also been released as well to support new KMDF 1.11. …


11:56 Ticket #151 (darwin: reduce the number of retries in enumeration) created by hjelmn
Five times is too many. If a device doesn't respond correctly on the …
11:54 Ticket #150 (darwin: do not try to unsuspend Apple devices) created by hjelmn
There may be issues with unsuspending Apple devices that may cause Apple …
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