02:20 Ticket #147 (Access violation in usbi_log_v when no default context is set) created by metaclass
if libusb_init is called with non-NULL pointer to *context, then …
02:19 debug edited by stuge


14:27 Changeset in libusb [b7ed26] by stuge
INSTALL_WIN.txt: Correct Windows backend webpage URL
14:26 Changeset in libusb [cf60da] by stuge
Windows: #include <windows.h> in header files


10:42 Ticket #146 (Blue Screen of Death When Stopping Debugger) created by jleveque
While debugging a project linked against libusb-1.0.9 in Visual C++ 2008, …


07:04 Ticket #135 (libusb-compat-0.1 examples/Makefile.am problem) closed by xiaofan
fixed: In …
06:47 windows_backend edited by stuge
Refer to MailingList and IRC pages instead of duplicating information (diff)
06:45 windows_backend edited by stuge
Fix a link to WinUSB at MSDN which was missing http:// (diff)
06:41 windows_backend edited by stuge
Meaningful changes in libusbx are naturally included also into libusb (diff)
06:22 Changeset in libusb [36962a] by stuge
Windows: Remove msvc/inttypes.h This file might have been needed for …


22:36 Ticket #145 (Two typos in doc) closed by stuge
fixed: In 455b2d98869826db7276ddb69ce7b73f1acc9f94/libusb: […]
22:35 Ticket #119 ([PATCH] Enable support for Linux systems without either usbfs or udev ...) closed by jhanko
fixed: In 05cbe2de45806db309343cdf298d8569c55863e5/libusb: […]
22:32 Ticket #34 (timestamping in log messages) closed by stuge
fixed: In a806d169e6b5f675289cb9307fcd6b908edd9219/libusb: […]
21:58 Ticket #45 (Support libusb_get_device_speed() on OpenBSD) closed by stuge
fixed: In 84d5eafd1f24a1c6f77f0c2a2ad40e1fbfdea381/libusb: […]
21:22 Ticket #53 (Add libusb_get_version()) closed by stuge
fixed: In df35117ce58b74fa530baaaccc30adaf432398ea/libusb: […]
19:17 Changeset in libusb [455b2d] by stuge
libusb.h: Fix #145 libusb_ref_device() and libusb_unref_device() typos
19:13 Ticket #145 (Two typos in doc) created by lisandrodnperezmeyer
In the doxygen description of typedef struct libusb_device libusb_device …


07:07 Ticket #144 (libusb_close() does not block until all submitted transfers have completed) created by stuge
Quoting http://marc.info/?m=134331313730019 […]


01:22 debug created by stuge
Basic info on creating a debug log from a git build
01:12 WikiStart edited by stuge
Mention debug information (diff)


13:59 Ticket #143 (WinUSB backend: Provide new driver for Windows 7) created by martindjr
The driver files for the Windows backend contain OLD driver files …
00:22 Ticket #142 (Spurious short packet errors received because SHORT_NOT_OK flag is always ...) created by cwn
This bug was seen in libusb 1.0.9 running on Linux kernel 3.2.0. If the …
00:22 Ticket #141 (sispmctl -s crashes on usb startup) created by vielleicht
Sispmctl is using libusb-compat and fails on scanning for available …


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17:07 Changeset in libusb [53e526] by Simon Haggett <simon.haggett@…>
Windows: Stop leaking event handle when destroying condition variables …
16:54 Changeset in libusb [c5194b] by stuge
io.c: Avoid timerfd race condition between completion and new submit An …
06:29 Changeset in libusb [0845ff] by stuge
.gitattributes: Set INSTALL_WIN.txt eol=crlf attribute
01:46 Changeset in libusb [1bd831] by stuge
io.c: Only disarm timerfd when no flying transfer has a timeout Commit …


21:00 Ticket #140 (Windows backend hangs on XP using multiple threads.) created by mozmck
I have a program with 2 threads. One thread submits OUT transfers, and …
18:14 Ticket #139 (libusb 1.0.9 on Mac OS X keyboard and mouse blocked) created by karthiga
Hello, I am a new bee as MAC OS X developer. Currently, i use …


11:53 WikiStart edited by larskanis
Removed Ruby-ribusb binding, since it is not maintained since years and … (diff)


22:39 Ticket #138 (libusb-compat-0.1.4 fails to compile against libusbx-1.0.12 (debug ...) closed by stuge
invalid: Sorry, but this is a bug in libusbx-1.0.12, not in libusb-compat-0.1.4. …
22:32 Ticket #138 (libusb-compat-0.1.4 fails to compile against libusbx-1.0.12 (debug ...) created by ssuominen
Downstream bug report: http://bugs.gentoo.org/423135 I'll add a patch …
22:32 Ticket #137 (take advantage of new kernel support for large transfers) created by parafin
Currently if bulk transfer larger than 16 KB is submitted, it's splitted …


20:18 Ticket #136 (libusb_free_device_list(, 1) memory leak) created by pilatuz
simple device enumeration method causes memory leak on MAC OS X: […] …
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