23:38 Ticket #117 ([PATCH] darwin_async_io_callback data truncation) created by rogueresearch
The private function darwin_async_io_callback() has a bug. It is …


13:03 windows_backend edited by pbatard


07:06 Changeset in libusb [cfee54] by Nathan Hjelm <hjelmn@…>
Darwin: Use a condition to signal async thread ready in libusb_init()


12:19 windows_backend edited by xiaofan
WinUSB will not work under Windows 2k (diff)
12:14 Ticket #116 (make distclean cleans ChangeLog) created by openid-provider.appspot.com/giraffedata
make distclean cleans (deletes) ChangeLog? - Makefile.am says …


13:03 Ticket #114 (use libusb with gcc on windows) closed by xiaofan
invalid: Please do not use Tracker Ticket for support questions. Please use the …
11:48 Ticket #115 (libusb linkage error with MS Visual C++) created by weavebytes
Facing linkage error with libsub with MS Visual C++. Can anyone …
11:46 Ticket #114 (use libusb with gcc on windows) created by weavebytes
Dear All, Can anybody guide me with using libusb wth gcc on windows. (I …


06:17 Changeset in libusb [5010c3] by stuge
Linux: Continue enumeration even if one device returns an error
03:15 Changeset in libusb [0eb7e4] by stuge
Allow devices with zero configurations to be discovered At least in …


06:34 Changeset in libusb [d1bd23] by Nathan Hjelm <hjelmn@…>
Fix #64 use of reserved identifiers throughout libusb
06:31 Changeset in libusb [a97762] by Nathan Hjelm <hjelmn@…>
Darwin: fix libusb_get_device_list() and libusb_claim_interface() leaks
06:28 Changeset in libusb [8723df] by Nathan Hjelm <hjelmn@…>
Darwin: use kIOMasterPortDefault instead of creating a master port


16:37 Changeset in libusb [5f30c8] by alan.ott
Linux: Fix #70 race condition in sysfs_get_device_list() Change the way …


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23:20 Changeset in libusb [382b7d] by trygvis
Darwin: Provide libusb_get_device_speed() data References #45.


14:09 libusb-1.0 edited by xiaofan
Add lua binding (diff)


14:47 Ticket #113 (compatibilty wrapper doesn work with keylok dongles.) created by bnolsen
The Arch Linux distro uses the compat wrapper to provide a libusb-0.1 …
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