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libusb-0.1 (unmaintained) (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Keywords Owner Status Created
#11 usb_find_devices() crashes defect closed 10/01/09
#15 Small memory leak in usb_parse_configuration defect memory leak closed 10/22/09
#19 location is not initialised in usb_bus defect usb_bus bus location closed 11/22/09
#22 Use system-installed libtool rather than shipping with one defect closed 12/21/09
#104 Can't use usb_bulk_write. return Incorrect Parameter (error code 83) defect closed 03/28/11

libusb-1.0 (95 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Keywords Owner Status Created
#2 ISO C++ forbids zero-size array 'iso_packet_desc' defect hjelmn assigned 07/30/09
#4 more protection needed for some libusb_transfer members defect closed 08/01/09
#5 libusb-1.0.2 doesn't compile with 2.4 kernels defect CLOCK_MONOTONIC stuge closed 08/12/09
#6 Zero Length Packet issue defect ZLP new 08/19/09
#7 undefined reference to func defect undefined reference closed 08/20/09
#8 cancel URBs in reverse order defect Alan Stern <stern@…> closed 08/29/09
#9 USBTimeoutException defect Reap Timeout closed 09/16/09
#10 How I uninstall libusb completely from my MacOSX 10.5.8 System defect closed 09/24/09
#12 cross compaling fails using arg-linux-arm defect closed 10/05/09
#13 problem with libusb_init() defect closed 10/21/09
#14 libusb_init fails in embedded environment defect libusb_init() closed 10/21/09
#16 linker error: undefined reference defect closed 11/11/09
#18 Can't compile with glibc-2.8 defect closed 11/18/09
#20 [PATCH] USBFS_URB_SHORT_NOT_OK must not be set for OUT urbs defect closed 12/03/09
#21 [PATCH] libusb_get_device_list() fails to find devices that improperly report their current configuration defect closed 12/07/09
#23 libusb_get_device_list OS X defect get_device_list hjelmn closed 12/31/09
#24 [PATCH] libusb needs librt and libpthread defect closed 01/01/10
#25 USB bus and device numbers are not zero-padded in the file path on some Linux systems defect file path closed 01/03/10
#26 /dev/bus/usb/X/Y fall back to zero-padding defect closed 01/03/10
#27 Libusb 1.0.6 Big Endian issue defect Big Endian closed 01/28/10
#28 [PATCH] to fix 3 of 3 warnings generated by the Clang Static Analyzer defect rogueresearch closed 02/04/10
#29 Add Libs.private to libusb-1.0.pc.in defect pkg-config libs closed 02/11/10
#30 [PATCH] Darwin big endian issue defect hjelmn closed 02/13/10
#31 Darwin: interrupt and isochronous transfers don't timeout defect hjelmn closed 02/19/10
#36 No POLLIN fd on Linux, no POLLOUT on Darwin defect closed 03/08/10
#37 reset_device defect closed 04/02/10
#38 segfault in cancel_bulk_transfer on linux x86_64 using fedora 12 with libusb1-1.0.6-1.fc12 installed defect closed 04/16/10
#39 Libusb1.0.6 Segmentation Fault defect closed 05/03/10
#40 Segmentation fault with pcscd defect ubuntu, lucid lynx, pcscd closed 05/05/10
#44 libusb_open does not honor debug level under linux defect libusb_open, debug level, linux closed 05/25/10
#47 USB-SUN device affects libusb_get_device_list() defect stuge closed 07/08/10
#48 windows_usb.c - Incorrect Configuration Descriptor Assumption defect windows_usb.c, libusb_config_descriptor pbatard closed 08/05/10
#51 [PATCH] Descriptor endian parsing is backwards on big-endian hosts defect marcan closed 08/25/10
#54 [PATCH] 1.0.8 linux-usbfs free()'s urbs of multi-urb bulk transfer prematurely upon bad completion status (e.g. -EPROTO) defect linux patch crash memory Peter Stuge <peter@…> closed 09/20/10
#55 [PATCH] Add a missing argument to libusb_wait_for_event in sample code defect stuge closed 09/21/10
#56 [PATCH] Fix a race condition in io.c libusb_handle_events_timeout() defect Graeme Gill <graeme2@…> closed 09/21/10
#58 [PATCH] Do not add a path before libusb.h defect Ludovic Rousseau <rousseau@…> closed 09/29/10
#59 [PATCH 1/3] Fix io.c:1667: warning: 'handle_timeout' defined but not used defect closed 09/29/10
#60 [PATCH 2/3] Fix io.c:1668: warning: 'handle_timeouts_locked' defined but not used defect closed 09/29/10
#61 [PATCH] Use const when applicable and fix warnings defect segher closed 09/29/10
#62 Check transfer cancellation on Linux defect closed 09/29/10
#63 [PATCH] libusb pthread usage causes error in garbage collected Cocoa apps defect hjelmn closed 10/04/10
#64 libusb invalidly uses reserved identifiers when naming variables, structs, etc. defect segher closed 10/05/10
#65 BUG: memory leak when submitting iso transfers defect darwin Thomas Röfer <Thomas.Roefer@…> closed 10/06/10
#68 libusb_control_transfer size is incorrect when using default report ID (only windows port) defect pbatard closed 10/12/10
#69 libusb_bulk_transfer taks long time in VMWare virtual machine defect libusb_bulk_transfer delay stuge closed 10/14/10
#70 device removal breaks internal state, making later libusb_open calls always fail defect linux stuge closed 10/25/10
#71 Remove useless #include defect closed 10/28/10
#72 PC_LIBS_PRIVATE vs LIBS in configure.ac... defect stuge closed 10/31/10
#73 libusb built with --enable-timerfd doesn't work on systems without timerfd defect linux stuge closed 11/03/10
#75 [PATCH] Correctly check read() return code defect segher closed 11/15/10
#77 get_max_packet_size returns bad value when alternative interface is used defect new 12/08/10
#78 MacOSX: Unable to open multiple interfaces from the same device defect macosx hjelmn closed 12/10/10
#79 Reading/Writing to our USB Devices connected through 7-Port USB Hub causes System to crash defect closed 12/14/10
#80 Lose a packet when there is null packet in an isochronous transfer (libusb-1.0.8, linux 2.6.18) defect helpwanted pvergain closed 12/14/10
#81 [PATCH] Race condition between libusb_submit_transfer() and usbi_handle_disconnect() defect pbatard closed 12/20/10
#82 Crash in timed-out transfer defect pbatard closed 01/05/11
#83 Valgrind reports error in usbi_parse_descriptor defect Vitali Lovich <vlovich@…> closed 01/05/11
#84 Closing a device doesn't terminate pending transfers defect closed 01/05/11
#87 Incomplete docs of libusb_get_device_list defect stuge closed 01/14/11
#89 libusb_claim_interface fails on Mac OS with HID devices defect darwin hid closed 01/24/11
#90 libusb +universal MacPort does not compile to i386 defect i386 MacPorts build architecture closed 01/24/11
#96 "-pthread" compile flag should not be used on darwin / Mac defect stuge closed 02/11/11
#97 [PATCH] "-fgnu89-inline" should not be used when building with clang defect stuge closed 02/11/11
#100 [PATCH] - cast of 32 bit value to 64 bit, pthread_exit defect hjelmn closed 02/11/11
#101 Income data is lost after a timeout reading from libusb_interrupt_transfer defect libusb_interrupt_transfer time out closed 02/24/11
#103 libusb_control_transfer sometimes hangs for 60 seconds defect closed 03/19/11
#105 Windows API calls must specify ANSI or UNICODE to run correctly defect pbatard closed 04/14/11
#106 Minor issues in libusb.h defect libusb.h stuge closed 05/17/11
#108 [darwin] libusb crashes when device unplugged defect darwin hjelmn closed 06/13/11
#115 libusb linkage error with MS Visual C++ defect link error on windows closed 08/06/11
#116 make distclean cleans ChangeLog defect pbatard closed 08/18/11
#117 [PATCH] darwin_async_io_callback data truncation defect hjelmn closed 09/08/11
#120 Correctly handle LIBUSB_TRANSFER_OVERFLOW defect Ludovic Rousseau <ludovic.rousseau+github@…> closed 09/16/11
#121 [PATCH] trivial patches to fix complier warnings defect rogueresearch closed 09/19/11
#122 warning: no previous prototype for ‘usbi_log_v’ defect Ludovic Rousseau <ludovic.rousseau+github@…> closed 09/24/11
#123 libusb_handle_events_timeout() only handles one event defect hjelmn assigned 10/05/11
#126 Hanging on libusb_exit() defect closed 02/08/12
#128 Product ID 0000 rejected on darwin defect darwin OSX ProductID stuge closed 02/19/12
#129 stray fprintf() defect closed 03/01/12
#144 libusb_close() does not block until all submitted transfers have completed defect new 07/27/12
#145 Two typos in doc defect stuge closed 07/28/12
#147 Access violation in usbi_log_v when no default context is set defect access violation, c0000005, usbi_log_v hjelmn closed 08/07/12
#155 ./autogen.sh does not work with current git master defect closed 11/14/12
#158 Rights to rename libusb0.sys defect closed 01/04/13
#159 Build with automake-1.13 broken defect closed 01/05/13
#162 libusb_alloc_transfer vulnerable to integer overflow/underflow defect security closed 02/08/13
#163 control_transfer windex error defect control_transfer windex closed 02/08/13
#164 libusb_handle_events_timeout only handles one event (in Linux) defect Libusb_handle_events_timeout, Linux closed 03/06/13
#168 libusb crashes on VM with no USB interfaces defect closed 04/11/13
#1 windows support enhancement pbatard closed 07/30/09
#17 hotplug/unplug support enhancement new 11/15/09
#33 Mac OS X libusb 1.0 native HID backend enhancement Mac OS X, libusb, HID closed 02/20/10
#34 timestamping in log messages enhancement timestamp, logging stuge closed 02/25/10
#35 Add more interface classes enhancement closed 03/08/10
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