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#2 ISO C++ forbids zero-size array 'iso_packet_desc' assigned hjelmn defect libusb/libusbx 1.2.0 8 years
#6 Zero Length Packet issue new defect 1.0.17 8 years
#77 get_max_packet_size returns bad value when alternative interface is used new defect 7 years
#123 libusb_handle_events_timeout() only handles one event assigned hjelmn defect libusb/libusbx 1.2.0 6 years
#144 libusb_close() does not block until all submitted transfers have completed new defect 5 years
#17 hotplug/unplug support new enhancement 1.0.17 8 years
#50 Add libusb_reset_endpoint() new enhancement 7 years
#52 Add libusb_get_framenumber new enhancement 7 years
#67 To be able to report the name of the current driver new enhancement 7 years
#107 Basic USB mice example new enhancement 6 years
#110 [RFC/PATCH/RESEND] Add support to USB3 descriptors reopened enhancement libusb/libusbx 1.2.0 6 years
#134 Include changes relevant for libusb-1.0.10 from libusbx new task libusb/libusbx 1.2.0 5 years
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